What is your meaning?

Viktor Frankl wrote in, “Man’s search for Meaning”, that a man should not ask what the meaning of life is, but rather, answer life’s demand of him, “Man, what is your meaning.” What is my meaning? What is my purpose in this world. My philosophy of life is something that has grown in this context of walking with God and realizing I do not always walk with God. It is the process of learning His word and recognizing His still small voice. Life is ministry, I’m not here to be served, but to serve others. I must learn to serve as Jesus did, for this is what love does.  I see in myself a consistent trajectory of falling down while climbing stairs. What I mean is I’m not perfect, but I am not willing to accept imperfection.

The Burning Bush

I found myself in great poverty of spirit I cried out, “I am undone.” I found myself in great poverty as man knows it, and there found a robe placed around my shoulders and a ring on my finger. Peace that passes understanding is mine. Though I stood condemned, even by my own conscience, Jesus redeemed me. He has pulled me from the pit of despair and given me his own virtue. How can this Man allow one such as I to even touch his feet? Why does he not depart? Why does he not recoil in disgust, as the rest do? He does not withdraw, he bares his heart and says come, be one with me, be as I am, I give myself freely to you. My tears will not stop flowing. They fall onto his feet and dry dust turns to streaks of mud. I use my hair to wipe it away, and can not stop kissing his feet. How privileged I am to touch the feet of Jesus, to feel His holy fire burn within me, his love is mine and I am his. I must never leave this place. This is holy communion! I don’t care who sees me, I will pour out my love to the one who loves me.